About Me


I am a quick learner who is passionate about video games. My current plan is to graduate from the University of Baltimore in July 2015. I hope to get a job before I graduate. My preference is programming, but I am also experienced with project management, modeling, level design, and quality assurance.

I have created multiple games using various programs and team sizes over the years. I am known to be a team leader. I hold the leading role of the team for most the games I make. Not only does this mean I am lead programmer, but also that I am the organizer and scheduler for projects. I have great time management skills, and strive to be in constant contact through e-mail, phone and other means.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to e-mail me – zacholivier32 @ gmail . com

Kirito Cosplay


15245_848334091845962_3271572755667803518_nMy Self Portrait by: Danielle Stewart


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